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SPREAD THE WORD and Earn FimiTOPUP™ and FimiCASH™ when you sign up and get your family and friends to sign up too. There are no limits to your earnings.

The FimiReferral Program is defined by an individual becoming a FimiReferral Master Agent. In order to become a Master Referral Agent, an individual first will be given a FimiReferral link to share with individuals and merchants. In-order to activate your link, each Agent or Merchant must download the FimiMONEY Mobile App. For each person who downloads the FimiMONEY Mobile App or subscribe to FimiFONE using your link, the Master Referral Agent will automatically be enrolled into the FimiREWARDS Program, where Agents can receive redeemable points. These points will show up on your phone for you to redeem. This points are based on transaction actives under the Agent’s Referral Link. Trade points for gifts, money and getaway vacations and more. (View Master Referral Agent guideline manual for details)

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Earn FimiTOPUP™  and FimiCASH™ when you sign up and get your  family and friends to sign up too. There are no limits to your earnings.

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